Friendly Asked Questions

Yes. FilesXpress is a FREE file sharing service. But you can upgrade to our premium service (to be offered in the future) to buy bigger storage space for your files.

NO. You can use FilesXpress service without registering for an account. You can simply upload your files to share, grab the download link, and then send the link to the people whom you want to share the files. Registering for a free account is an option but with it, you can manage the files you upload to your account. However, files uploaded by "Anonymous" users will be removed from the server automatically after 5 days. 

1,000MB is the maximum file size that can be uploaded to FilesXpress.

For anonymous users, files they uploaded for sharing will be deleted automatically (since they cannot manage their files) after 5 days. For registered users, their files can stay forever until they manually delete them or until their FilesXpress accounts are active. 

It will remain active as long as you continue to use your FilesXpress account. When you do not login to your account for a period of 3 months, it is considered "abandoned account" and will be deactivated and all files contained there will be removed. Removed files from deactivated accounts are non-recoverable.

FilesXpress will offer premium service in the future. But for the meantime, we are being funded by advertising revenues.

No. We only limit the types of files that you can upload to FilesXpress.

Supported file types
jpg  doc bmp
jpeg docx ico
png rar log
zip ppt ttf
gif pptx TTF
mp3 potm txt
mp4 pdf wav
xls eml avi
xlsx htm flv
xlsm html  


There is a workaround. You can compress the unsupported file as a ZIP or a RAR file and then you can upload it to FilesXpress.

Unlimited files. You can upload as many files as you want but each file should not be bigger than 1000MB. You cannot manage your files and these files are deleted automatically after 5 days.

No. At this point, FilesXpress has no such feature. To ensure your file security, you can password-protect the file itself before uploading it to FilesXpress for sharing.

YES. FilesXpress is a file sharing site and anyone can download files hosted at FilesXpress server if they have the download link. But since users will only send the download links of their uploaded files to their friends or contacts, chances that other people can get their files are very small.

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