All File Types Now Supported

FilesXpress File Sharing service is now allowing the upload and sharing of all file types. That is, during the upload process, the type of file being uploaded is no longer checked so basically, anyone can upload any file types and share the links by any means.

you can now share ALL file types


Will Files Shared from FilesXpress Harm My Computer?

Indeed there are certain files that can harm anyone's computer especially if they are running Windows Operating Systems. To avoid being harm, please only download files being shared to you by someone you know or from a legitimate sharer. FilesXpress could not be held liable for any damage the file has caused to your system.

Another thing is, your computer shall be protected with an antivirus program so that anything you attempt to download from online will be checked prior to being actually saved to your local drive.

For more information as to how to protect your computer from malwares, please refer to the procedures in this link.

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